Marketing Exploration of Starbucks: SWOT, Porter’s Five and Value Band

One of the most favorite coffeehouses in the nation is Starbucks. This is a enterprise that has had so much good results over the years, and also this success includes allowed Starbucks to become an industry leader. During this report, a home based business analysis will be conducted at Starbucks. The analysis will cover the following ideas: segments in the general surroundings, the a few forces regarding competition, responding to the factors of competitiveness, external risks and options, the greatest pros and cons, the company’s resources as well as capabilities and also competencies, and the company’s benefits chain.

Partie that Status Highest throughout Influence

You can find six portions that can have an effect on a company’s business: politics, economic, public, technological, environment, and legal (PestleAnalysis.

When Attempting to keep It Genuine Goes Right

The college vestibule process is normally scary, for anybody. You spend several weeks building the ideal application — writing your company clear together with concise Popular App coursework, taking as well as re-taking standardized tests, pleading teachers for recommendation letters — only to abandon the next 4 years of your happiness in the possession of people probably you never achieved. You question whether your homework depicts people in the most effective light, that you just much that will B+ you were given in math your sophomore year could impact the college’s good investment. You think about the things you could bring that will individual your application from the thousands of apps being understand in the vestibule office which year — maybe a supplementary word around the school, or perhaps a reference to the actual mascot. You actually scour the actual school’s admission page, interested in tips and tricks coming from admissions expert and present students, wishing you’ll find the important thing to getting around.

Sorry to burst your company’s bubble, but these ‘tips and tricks’ for her to get into a college are not foolproof, and most circumstances they’re not just original. Searching for around admission counselors since i have first plunged on this grounds, and they under no circumstances cease that will amaze me with the stories of individuals and families who have been paid to great extent to impress these people. Although most of these efforts can result in great business office conversation, they don’t always yield a desirable result. Admissions therapists frequently admit there is no formulation for getting right into college, since there are many aspects taken into consideration along the way, some of which can be beyond the particular control of pupils, families, and also guidance therapists.

So what currently? How do you within the college of this dreams, in addition to prove to the main admissions experts that you are worthy of admission? Through which cliché in best case: be yourself. Sure, you are one of 20, 000 + seekers, but your history will no doubt be different. None other person in this particular applicant pool can tell the story of your life the exact same way you could. No one can begin to see the world you live in through your eyes. Inform your story when you have enjoyed it. Compose your essay so that someone reading it might understand who you are, and don’t hesitate to be honest. Should you be the top scorer for your field hockey team and as well enjoy publishing poetry, speak about that. If you value taking walks throughout the woods right after school, period readers for that walk with you. Body fat need to visualize an extravagant way to change; you are already.

One of Dave Chappelle’s drawings on Chappelle Show has been called, ‘When Keeping It all Real Proceeds Wrong. lunch break This recurring comedic sketch depicts predicaments in which a fighter’s authentic route to a situation brings into reality an unfortunate finish result. I say to your account with confidence that will ‘keeping it again real’ can achieve much more decent than harm in the university admissions process, and will save you the time 00 and energy. Approaching this with the motive of rendering your readers typically the truest model of you may yield a result as compared with purposely endeavoring to impress these. Admissions advisors are individuals, just like you, and maybe they are looking to develop a class which is a diverse public of people. I problem you to celebrate the human being you might be. Let your experience shape you, and let your storyline be the idea that packages you separately.

Mid-Semester book summaries for students Insights


Many of us asked some of our student communications group a couple of reflections for the semester so far. Here’s what they’d to share:

Jacob black Shaw (pictured in hole shot)

Returning to school searching for long the summer months is always a jolt here we are at reality, but not always any welcome just one. In graduating high school, no matter how substantially you love your company’s courses and clubs, may possibly be the certainly impending awareness of getting to the smash, a counting down until the up coming break (or if you’re a good optimist, any endeavor to take full advantage of your time through to the next break). Last summertime ended through my supplying up our Chicago lifetime and going out to Celtics to start very own college existence as a junior at Tufts, a bolt to fact if ever there seems to be one.

But returning to college after a summer— now, will be certainly an experience I had never experienced before.

A fact? Yes. Switch of establishing? Of course.

But as long seeing as i waited while using feeling of ‘back to the grind’ to begin working, what I located instead— and I mean this— was a exciting wave connected with opportunities coasting back in. All we were, and therefore are, getting time for hitting the courses (on appealing subject situations, however! ), I’ve as often been striking the creative options (attending episode on and off grounds, keeping up with quite a few art with our amazing, resource-stocked facilities, taking pictures films with the state-of-the-art skilled equipment I can also rent freed from the ExCollege), hitting the positions (not basically producing online marketing content intended for Admissions and also doing some amazing research in ASL phonotactics after Instructor Ariel Goldberg invited people to work with others with your ex in his Psycholinguistics Lab), hitting the social scenario (reuniting along with groups of school friends is more like coming back camp than to school, and also welcome forums like Chabad and even each of our freshman pre-orientation group happen to be eager to reconnect), and absolutely hitting the eating dinner hall (with miso-glazed fish, fig and goat parmesan cheese paninis, the noodlery, and even hundreds of some other offerings on a daily basis that carry on and shock my parents every time these come to pay a visit to, I of course went for the very unlimited meals plan again). Don’t get us wrong; I love my dwelling, my village, and especially my family, though non-e of this can have been potential back home, and even certainly not when conveniently in order to where I live!

Although suffice it to say, want to know the best part of coming back Tufts as being a sophomore would be that the how-to-be-a-college-student figuring out curve no longer has enough the way. The doors are clear wider than ever, and you can established foot for campus all set to hit the earth running.

Bob Panella

Sophomore fall is actually busy, interesting, and pleasurable! Am I explored? Maybe. Am I loving all I’m working on? You bet. I am just really interested in my five classes, appreciating being a Teacher’s Assistant, as well as learning more about writing on the Tufts Vocation Center, Individual Communication Team, and The Stanford Daily. A very important factor that’s been highly meaningful that semester is now being a student about the Experimental College’s board. Often the ExCollege is one of Tufts’ most unique characteristics, offering courses for credit standing that probably would not necessarily integrate a traditional educational setting setting. As being a board member, I’m associated with monthly conferences, deciding on classes, and addressing parents and faculty about how incredible the ExCollege is. It’s really fantastic to generally be on the ExCollege board, especially considering ways passionate Therefore i’m about brand new and interesting academic potentials. Look out for a ExCollege element in our then issue connected with JUMBO Publication, written by everyone!

John Mattson

With the typical election for that reason close, JumboVote, the student-led organization the fact that promotes voting and up to engagement, continues to be kicked right into high gear. The company’s Voting Gathering took place inside the Mayer Campus Center at present, where individuals could save to cast a vote and request absentee ballots even though enjoying a number of free Tom and Jerry’s ice cream.

In my opinion, I came to them expecting help gaining an absentee ballot, and also the students which helped me were extremely useful and enthusiastic. It took almost all ten or so minutes before very own request appeared to be mailed down, getting me a step nearer to participating for November 6. For me, becoming politically engaged has oftentimes felt perplexing and wearying; but with JumboVote’s help and their contagious appreciation, it’s much better to see the value of my vote.

In the 2016 election, one particular, 366 Stanford students authorized to vote through JumboVote. This year, irrespective of historically lessen turnout in midterm elections, JumboVote aims to surpass which number. The exact organization’s rising number of specialists can be found in just about every Tufts university and administrative department, which means that asking concerns and getting concerned has never happen to be so easy. As well as, with the incentive of no cost ice cream, performing our section in the political process has not tasted thus sweet.

Coming back through abroad

Conditions who’ve really been following the journey out of the country, I just spent the last twelve months studying for the Tufts working in london program. However, as almost all great things do, my favorite abroad practical experience has found yourself in an end. I returned to help Boston for any summer, together with although I’m disappointed very own wonderful working experience has to be around, I’m longing for an amazing older year during Tufts!

Getting back in the You. S. features definitely happen to be more of a adjustment than I formerly expected. As opposed to my first few weeks surviving in a city I’d solely visited the moment before, As i expected this transition back into life within the U. Ings. to be clearer and straightforward, considering ones own I’ve existed for most regarding my life. Yet , leaving Birmingham made me comprehend just how much of any home the metropolis had become. The actual adjustment not knowing being offshore and not staying as unbiased with vacationing and caring for myself has become surprisingly hard.

Going abroad for virtually every period of time delivers the potential to be described as a life changing practical experience. However , I found my twelve months of accomplish immersion towards London lifestyle to be a tad bit more meaningful than could have been annually of only traveling as well as enjoying London, uk as a little long-term visitor to your site. I found your dream house in London, as well as a culture I ran across myself fact finding and looking at. This disruption back to life while in the U. H. is mixed with huge homesickness for the life I that is left behind in London.

However , it’s not almost all bad! Indeed, it’s been incredibly difficult taking my time period abroad is more than. But We can always see, or get back on the UK pertaining to school or possibly work right after my precious time at Stanford. I’ll usually have a group of friends not only in Greater london, but through out Europe, which means that I’ll will have a place to stay as well as someone to encounter when I accomplish return. I had created much prefer to this sadness at the end of a wonderful experience than to not have acquired the experience to begin with!

Work Spouses: an Educational Secret System

In no way would I use thought i always was going to be getting married at my first session at Tufts. No, My spouse and i don’t mean in a whitened dress is actually something outdated, new, copied, and pink. Instead, I acquired married along with late night text messages, surprise home work notifications and also panicked review sessions at the Rez. Me not covering a real matrimony, instead I am reflecting in the academic nuptial relationships. Very much like Miranda Mcneally and Rich Webber in Grey’s Anatomy, I realized that many of us with Tufts currently have work husbands and wives that keep us unstable as water in our accurate environments. Although, the ambiance at Tufts is taking on, I have experienced that this university provides cluster support leading to particular success. I’ve found sturdy assist in my educational career thru my deliver the results husbands together with wives. Around my Spanish group, my perform husband is a first person My partner and i ask about a assignment or possibly material i found complicated in class. I just go to the dog for confidence about reasonable essay programs or problem of work. And of course, my favorite work partner is the first-person I check with to review testing material plus vocab thoughts on the evening of an audit. Although there is not an romantic biochemistry and biology between the work spouse and people, I even now rely on your man as if there were been wed for years!

During my computer scientific research class, very own professor stressed the importance of teamwork and venture. This category is incredibly severe, but luckily for us my operate spouses get kept my family buoyant much more consternation. In the beginning, I was shocked that my computer technology professor made such an energy to discuss the significance of academic partners. But quickly enough, I realized the potential electricity work couples hold. Like peers, we will help the other reduce worry by giving new facets to staggering questions and also concepts. Once we battle over the academic surprise, work husband and wife help you and me tackle concerns together to make sure that we do not have got to endure these alone.

Thoughts on National Self-importance over a National Import (a cup regarding tea)


Jumbo Talk

Growing up within post-colonial Sri Lanka appeared to be, in many ways, a confusing knowledge.

It was exclusively recently the little usa gained autonomy from a colonial time regime that will lasted over 300 numerous years. Sri Lanka’s prime place at a crossroads between sea-routes joining the very East towards West managed to get it an ideal currency trading port, and as such, our region came under Portuguese language, Dutch, and quite a few notably, British isles rule.

Perhaps even decades just after our health, Sri Lankan society is trapped inside of a colonial mindset. Despite many years of revolution contrary to the British concept fueled by just nationalistic golden technologies, we are nonetheless guilty of idealizing Western lifestyle. There is a distinctive class about Lankan modern culture that has a good overtly sympathetic view individuals time like a colony and embraces Oriental culture, perhaps even going to the excessive of ignoring our area language, practices, and cultures. On the other hand, may class which can be bitterly from all former and upcoming Western have an impact on, holding on to all of our religion, the language, the west with competitive nationalistic self-importance and deriding all Traditional western sympathizers.

Being born together with raised in a traditional Sri Lankan loved ones but and have been educated among the this school of westernized society, That i found me personally awkwardly straddling this understated class part.

As a child, As i didn’t realize why we decided not to converse throughout English at your house like my local freinds from school have, why people didn’t look at the Sunday Observer on week-ends instead of the nearby Sinhalese classifieds, or exactly why my father painted sarongs as opposed to shirts along with trousers along with mother used saris as opposed to dresses. I actually hated the way my company name was painfully traditional, instead of an easy-to-pronounce anglicized moniker. With time, My partner and i came to grudgingly accept the belief that I will do not be one.

Ever since traveling to the United States, this grudging approval has become an item akin to full-fledged pride.

Given that here I am, from the heart on the Western society that our people aspire to, and exactly do I notice? Chinese-Americans, ruing how they by no means grew up chatting their vocabulary and striving to master this; South Asian-Americans, celebrating old fashioned festivals along with pride and even holding quickly to their customs and made use of; African-Americans, intensely proud of their particular history and most of their origins.

Right here are people launched and elevated in United states soil, with every to certainly embrace often the culture of the adopted countryside but still retaining fast thus to their own root. I think back in our folks, trying to live a facsimile of the lifestyles of our colonial time masters plus losing the particular richness of our indigenous lifestyle, our heirloom of a satisfied history spanning two millennia, our exclusive language. Therefore i’m equally responsable, having matured chasing an incorrect ideal and taking things i already previously had for granted.

I am aware now that My goal is to never absolutely relate to this country or it is culture, or maybe that of another my journey may lead to, close to I do to your one My spouse and i grew up for. No, When i don’t take with you mementos of my dwelling country, I actually don’t surrounds myself using pictures about its scenic beauty. My spouse and i no longer compose in my indigenous tongue and hardly possibility to speak the idea. I have a tendency wear domestic pride on my sleeve or even my social networking. But I realize that I morning never considerably more welcome in other regions than about its fluffy sands together with familiar hawaiian heat. My spouse and i treasure the truth that I will usually have a home that I can gain, confident i will always be accepted.

And I was only start to understand how much of a privilege that is certainly.

Finding Your own home

I remember the morning I got recognized to Tufts as one of the happiest and most remarkable days of playing. The summer right after my senior citizen year great for school, My partner and i slowly viewed all my pals leave regarding college i counted decrease the days right up until I, too, would be establishing my life as a possible undergrad–one four weeks turned to a couple weeks turned to seven day and finally we were packing in the car to operate a vehicle up to Ma. I had silently laid a long time for your moment when I could be with college, to start with I knew it, suddenly mother and father were driving the 12 hours home and I was initially left by itself on an different campus between hundreds of guests. I was a little bit freaked to tell the reality.

College are usually terrifying along with frustrating at the outset when you recognize that it will take a little while and considerable effort in making your new dormitory room, dormitory feel like residence and build superb same style of close romances you may have had in your childhood. Luckily, that very first working day, all the anxious freshman was immediately tossed into our orientation communities to start observing each other. Those actions always astonished me quite possibly the most freshman time was simply how much I was compelled out of our comfort zone– whether it was having to consistently introduce personally to new people, likely to general attention meetings without any help to seek out brand-new interests, or possibly getting used to living with any roommate– and also the rewarding all those experiences all of turned out to be in the final analysis. And without a doubt, as a 1st year pupil, you entirely will have any “freshman moment”: maybe you inquire where you can find Barnum when you’re definitely in the making, or you hold the grounds map to you for the initial month of faculty, or you by accident go to Bromfield-Pearson instead of Eliot-Pearson. It happens to help everyone, along with honestly, I would personally embrace the whole set of mistakes you choose your first twelve months because certainly learn A great deal (also, from the lot less embarrassing if you choose these things being a freshman rather then as a frosh… )

You will still eventually appear back on your own freshman year or so when you’re your sentimental upperclassmen and remember the way your best colleagues by driving yourself to visit a club meeting by yourself or even to sign up to carry out run crew members for a engage in. So put on your Tufts lanyard being a badge connected with honor– we have all had the experience, and end up looking on the other side (hopefully without our keys near our necks, but what a personal preference). Now I also count decrease the days until eventually Tufts during the summer, nonetheless stepping foot or so back upon campus feels just like finding its way back home.

On attempted robberies and trying to convert the world


Over cold weather break, when travelling beyond Boston together with Singapore, somebody tried to deceive me.

Statistically talking, this was bound to happen at some point in time, but numerical opportunity is fairly distinctive from someone aiming to choke an individual while all together trying to grab both your cell phone and back pack. (In hindsight, this was most likely a benefit to my opinion; maintaining individuals three parts of contact necessitie been hard)

Before anyone teratism out, Positive physically okay, with my very own belongings whole. While simply being shaken (not stirred) I actually managed to running him away from, and he left me alone after that. And while I am joking relating to this, I also recognize that if he’d a device or a marker the whole appear would have gone by very in another way to, and I is dead or maybe seriously in pain right now.

I have a tendency, however , begrudge him specifically having attempted to rob us, though Anways, i do wonder exactly why he threw in the towel so quick. Instead, once yelling “Kan” at him, I stared furiously at every single human being around people, standing silence as inside the, each checking out me together with none supporting. No one experienced moved to aid me fend him off; each went on to destin at all of us after, whilst moving gone, as if I used to be some kind of free art present roaming often the streets this had out of the blue turned on these people.

I just begrudge, though perhaps I have to thank, every person who had hollered out “Chino, Chino! very well and “Ni Hao! inches and “Japonesa”, with a distinctive shout out to the two policemen who jeered “Chinito, Chinito quiere? “, who made me constantly hyperaware of my favorite surroundings and also the possibility of actual harassment. I actually begrudge and have been some kind of racial exhibit, some form of mystery for being decoded.

And I especially begrudge the system that neglected people, each there and even worldwide; Therefore i’m angry for your woman I saw who had to get water out from the drain as well as gutter, for any people who are forced into identity theft to survive, for those ones who have cannot obtain jobs to call home.

U am indignant because this doesn’t just happen in unique country Y, far distant; this occured to Amos Yee and even Devaki Nadarajan, both bothered in Singapore while consumers stood by mutely. These types of slurs affect people in America on a daily basis, where personhood is lower to battle and all that you are is an demonstrate of colorway, to be saw for fun. And in almost every country, persons are being swept under the rugs, left in order to fend on their own, because a few system seems to have decided it offers done “enough” for them.

I am incensed because overall, someone wanting to rob people isn’t everything special, where ever I am on the earth; people ready, refusing to help you, isn’t distinct. Reducing shed weight their run, cajoling these individuals, and completing it off of as simple fun is actually normalized; folks being poor and greedy and serious is a offered.

Therefore i refuse to externalize this into a other countryside and declare I am giving to be right from Singapore; As i equally won’t shrug that off together with say that is a part together with parcel with life. On the web angry, and that i will continue to be angry, and I works until My spouse and i die to alter these things, simply because somewhere somehow there is a much better world in comparison with this u refuse to certainly not find it.

A collateral loan is additionally named a safeguarded loan, as a matter of fact, that is in fact the phrase that you will certainly observe utilized for this form of loan more often. If you have bad credit, collateral can help you acquire certified however make sure. If you were actually to must back-pedal the loan, they could possibly take this property. If you are interested in a security loan with bad credit, permit’s learn a little concerning them initially.

visit website

No Collateral Loan Quote

Before you dedicate to a security or even protected loan, why not see if our company can assist you obtain an unsafe loan promotion. At Loan Ape, our company give you access to a large network of financial institutions used to partnering with bad credit. It takes merely a few mins, with just essential details, to obtain a response. Likewise, there is actually no commitment as well as it is actually entirely free so allow’s get going.

Protected Loans

If you can easily not obtain a cash advance online or one without security, this form of loan might be your only option. Unsecured loans are actually usually a much better option for a cash money loan yet if your possibilities are limited and also you might need to have to consider them. Permit’s spend some time and learn about these loans.

What Is Actually A Collateral Loan?

With a security loan, you give the lender an insurance claim on a part of residential property. If you default on the loan, they then have the potential to take the home and also sell it. They would after that utilize the earnings of the purchase to pay back the personal debt as well as would certainly provide you a loan that was left behind over, if there was actually any sort of.

The best usual collateral or even gotten loans are residence and also car loans. The bank releasing the bank has civil liberties to these pieces of building until the loan is actually completely paid.

With the above pair of examples, the loan provider possessed a prompt claim on the building in question considering that the loan was given out to create those acquisitions. Thus, supposing you require cash money as well as possess residential or commercial property that you can set up?

The two most common security loans in that case would certainly be the gambit loan as well as the label loan. Each possess their own set of concerns that you need to understand.

Pawn Loans

With a forfeit loan, you set up a part of building for a cash loan. Great headlines for you is that you can acquire pay the very same time. Problem is that it will certainly not be actually that a lot money. A warrant store is actually visiting offer you merely a portion of what your building costs so these are actually better for small loans with bad credit. In addition, they are actually visiting store your item and also cost you storing charges on it in addition to the passion fees as well as paperwork fee.

Title Loans

With a headline loan, you make use of the car label of your lorry as collateral. Your financial institution would certainly after that issue you a money loan with the standard high costs and also rate of interest. This is a risky loan due to the fact that if you default, you will definitely drop your auto. You believe you need cash now, stand by up until you possess no auto. Lots of eople shed their autos each year to headline loan companies.

Is Actually A Collateral Loan A Really Good Option?

That actually depends on the kind of security loan.

Residence and vehicle loans, the absolute most common types, are actually excellent selections. Getting a loan for the size needed to have to buy one of these products will be complicated, or even impossible, without making it a secured loan.

Cash money loans are one more concern entirely. They usually bring the higher interest of an unprotected loan yet with the included capability of the lending institution to take your car. You are essentially enabling the lender to tackle virtually no threat but still bill you higher risk rates of interest. If you can easily stay clear of a label loan, you completely should.

The best selection falls to you and also your specific scenario. With a security loan bad credit is not as big of an issue. If you need to have money horribly and have nothing else source, it may be a loan you need to look at.

Guaranteed Loan Alternatives

There is regularly a different but it does depend a little on your credit. Let’s look at some opportunities.

Payment Loans

This is actually the sort of loan that our team offer you access to. The loan providers in the network might have the capacity to aid you also when others have actually pointed out no. Just how? Considering that they are made use of to working with borrowers of all credit types as well as often problem bad credit monthly payment loans. There is actually no expense to determine if you may obtain accepted, therefore why not fill up at the kind at the top of the web page and also find out.

Borrowing From Loved ones

Depending upon the volume that you need to have, you could be able to acquire coming from family or maybe a pal. Only be considerate and obtain EVERY LITTLE THING in writing. You require to be able to verify just how much you borrowed which you paid it back, just in case bodies obtain blurry later on. Never ever pay back loan with cash money if it could be aided given that it will be your term against theirs, unless you get an invoice.

Forgo The Loan

If the loan is something that you can possibly do without, you perhaps should accomplish this. If it is, as an example, to acquire a four wheeler, you must perhaps pass.

If this holds true, make the effort to start boosting your credit. Credit is actually quite easy to boost with a little bit of willpower. All you require to accomplish is actually.

  • Spend Your Expenses In A Timely Manner
  • Pay for Your Charge Card Balances
  • Issue Unfavorable Information
  • Limitation Inquiries

Performing those 4 things as well as standing by a little bit might only suffice to improve your rating to ensure that next opportunity, you can easily get a no collateral loan. That would permit you to spare your residential property from risk and probably acquire a better interest rate.

Your site can show your individuality.

You’re a site provider, just like me, and also you realize that it’s important to show your self in its individuality. But precisely what is your individuality? Just How do you distinguish your self off their providers providing one thing comparable? Could it be your character? Your very own tale which you experienced? The manner in which you went? Or could it be your special experience or your unique knowledge? Be cautious about just exactly what it is and find out it out that you are expressing that and putting.


This week Atlanta Tech’s Overseer of Specific Scholarships, Chaffee Viets, brings together us for those first in a 2-part series about grant aid selection. Chaffee has worked pertaining to prestigious advantage scholarship plans at Duke University, NORTH CAROLINA State College or university, and the Higher education of North Carolina at Cathedral Hill. They are also a earlier president within the Undergraduate Pupils Program Facilitators Association. Encouraged, Chaffee!

Imagine you will be a child playing with a hindrances and cutouts set. You have got stars, triangles, squares, groups, and rectangles. Each obstruct is made of natural gold. You determine all of them soon you get to one more set. As part of your hand can be a gold celeb, but the excess cutout is really a square. So the game has ended you just are unable to fit some star to a square.

This scenario is a good method to think about your chances of winning the full-ride scholarship money to a college or university. Even if you are composed of pure money, among the best scholars out there, keep in mind that change your contour. It doesn’t change who you are fundamentally. What can modification, however , are your anticipations for financial college training.

In my experience being a scholarship movie director, there are 3 issues affecting your chances of finding a major (and sometimes even minor) scholarship: Healthy, Numbers, plus Composition .

Fit in

Items start with the concept of Fit . Many college students think whenever they aren’t decided on for a fund it’s because these weren’t fantastic enough— which something is unsuitable with them, and also something is wrong with the selection process. Both of the ones scenarios hardly ever the case when we are talk about truly competitive students (the precious metal stars). Instead, it is usually about a lack of fit.