Cosmopolitan magazine featured Olympic cross country skier Jessie Diggins in their latest issue, sharing what she eats while training. She is, of course, a very healthy eater!  She also adds Bioenergy Ribose to her routine to help her maintain and sustain her energy levels.  

Jessie was recently named to the 2018 Olympic cross country ski team. BLS is very proud to be supporting her along her road to success. To learn more about Jessie and her accomplishments, visit her website:  Jessie Diggins.

About Bioenergy Ribose

Bioenergy Ribose® is the only patented & the purest form of D-Ribose on the market. D-Ribose, a five-carbon carbohydrate, is vital for the cellular synthesis of ATP. Bioenergy Ribose is widely used in beverages, foods & nutrition products for energy enhancement & recovery. It is also well-known for supporting heart health, strengthening the mitochondrial productivity, fighting fatigue & improving cardiopulmonary health. Bioenergy Ribose is non-GMO & its safety is evidenced by its quality standards, scientific research & FDA-approved GRAS status.

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Trisynex™ Super Food


Clinically Tested to Reduce Weight

  • Great Source of Energy
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Regulates Body Fat


Vita-Aid  Trisynex™ helps to regulate the hormones Leptin and Adiponectin, which control satiety and fat storage. Trisynex™ absorbs glucose and fatty acids, Trisynex™ is tasteless, odorless and water-soluble.

A clinical study conducted at the university of Connecticut in the USA and peer reviewed in the journal of Endymology of Europe proves weight loss of an average of 1.14kgs per week, 43% reduction in Serum Leptin and 116% increase Serum Adiponectin.

Trisynex™ Doubles the Effects of Dieting and Exercise.

Vita-Aid Trisynex™ together with an optimal lifestyle assists to balance your blood sugar levels.

GRAS Status (Generally Regarded As Safe)