Beaumark® AIRWAVE Air Fryer Health Cooker Black 12L


  • Healthy Cooking
  • No oil required
  • Easy visual cooking
  • Multi-function
  • Rotisserie function
  • 12L Capacity

Cooking Temperatures 70°C – 230°C

Heating mode: Top and bottom double heating with convection system
Roast model: Non-rotation, Rotation
Display model: LED digital display
Structure feature: Visual cooking design with cool touch surface, removable inner pot, lid hinge structure.
Accessory: Grill plate / Rack / Chicken rack / Cage

The New Generation Air Fryer uses a highly efficient top heating system, infrared heating system and high speed hot air convection system; It can create hot air inside in a short amount of time, through the intelligent program to control the cooking time and temperature, also with different rotisserie accessories, you will enjoy the non-smoke, fast and delicious cooking. It is the best cooking machine for every family!

Multi-function for different foods:

Chicken, Sausage, Pizza, Bread, French Fries, Steak, Samoosas, Fish, Cake, Corn and many more!

Weight 6 kg


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