Twist n Stay

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Twist n Stay


Twist n Stay is made from an industrial strength protective plastic coating, over a super strength steel alloy.


  • Able to hold up to 130kgs.
  • Will never rust.
  • Can float on water.
  • Will never stretch or snap back.
  • Will not knot and can be reused hundreds of times.
  • Twist and Stay come in three lengths; 43, 86 & 129 centimeters.


The product is great for using in the garden, around the home, in the gym and even on the boat!


  • Use it to tie the ladder to the roof rack!
  • Hang your bicycle on the wall!
  • Use it and reused hundreds of times indoors or out!
  • Tidy up your hosepipe!


It’s so easy to use, just twist and it stays!

With Twist N’ Stay, you can tie, wrap and organize just about anything.

Unlike rope or bungee cords, with Twist n Stay there’s no knotting, stretching or snapping back.

Once you see how easy your life is with Twist N’ Stay, you’ll find countless ways to carry, hang or store all the things around your house!

Weight 0.8200 kg
Dimensions 6.0000 × 26.5000 × 27.7000 cm


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