Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse (Chocolate)


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Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse (Chocolate Flavour)

Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse is part of a series of products, that Natural Food Science Ltd a worldwide pioneer in Sugar Free, Natural and Gluten Free nutritional foods, has developed for the UK market, and is now available in South Africa for the very first time!

All Natural Food Science products are Clean label, which means that you can be safe in the knowledge that no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours have been used.

Our formulation mixes are custom-designed, complex blends of ingredients associated with health and wellness. They combine natural sweeteners, native starches, gums, fibers, botanicals, and natural flavours and colours.

In the planning of our mixes we took into consideration the Glycemic Index and Fiber content of the Food Ingredients that we use, choosing only the ones that had very low Glycemic index, with the highest possible content. We also use native and resistant starches that contribute greatly into the results that we have.

Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse is a Clean Label, Sugar Free, quality product made from all- natural, gluten-free ingredients.
Based on the Nutritional Analysis of the Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse  and the nutrition and health claims made on foods as defined by Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 of the European Parliament, the Vegan Recipe of the Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse, Cocoa Flavour,  is Sugar-Free, Natural, Light, Very Low Salt, High Fibre and Low Fat.



  • Sugar Free
  • Light
  • Low Fat
  • Vegan
  • Low Salt
  • High Fibre
  • Gluten Free


Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse, Cocoa Flavour,  is easy to put together and gives you the choice of preparing either Vegan or Vegetarian Cocoa Mousse.


Simply add either
(a) Coconut Cream and water for the Vegan Chocolate Mousse
(b) Whipped Cream and Water for the Vegetarian Chocolate Mousse



Vegan Recipe

Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse Cocoa Flavour
Water: 450ml
Coconut Cream: *155g
(*Use 60% Coconut Extract Cream)
Heat water to boiling point.
While on medium heat, gradually pour and stir in the Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse powder until you have a smooth result.
Continue occasional stirring of the mix, away from the heat, allowing it to cool completely.
In a separate bowl, whip the Coconut cream and fold it into the mixture until fully blended.
Optional: If you want it served cold, put the final mix in the fridge for a further 2 hours.


Vegetarian Recipe

Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse Cocoa Flavour
Water: 600ml
Whipped Cream: 235 Grams
Start boiling the water. Then, just as it begins to boil, pour in the Vita-Aid™ Vegan Sugar Free Mousse Powder and stir it until it’s fully mixed.
Remove it from the heat and stir it from time to time to avoid setting, then leave it to cool completely. That may take from one to two hours.
Separately, whip the fresh cream and then fold it into the cool mixture until you achieve the desired result.
Optional: If you want to serve it cold, put the final mixture in the fridge for 2 more hours.



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